Fresh Sprouts - A Guide to Sprouting

Miriam Sasha Sommer
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Sprouts are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, chlorophyll, plant fibre and life. In other words: They are some of the best Nature has to offer in a plant.

In this book you can learn how to grow all the sprouts you wish.12 months of the year in any climate. No soil, feritizer or special light are required. The sprouts have all they need inside their seeds. You just need to add water, follow the books thorough directions and soon you can sprinkle your food with more than 44 varieties of sprouts.

The book is written for you who are new to the world of sprouting as well as for you who are experienced and seek new inspiration.

Fresh Sprouts - a guide gives you:

• In full colour with 25 pictures and drawings.
• The five sprout types and their requirements for cultivation.
• The basic requirements for light, heat, air, rinsing ect of the little plants.
• All on the cultivation of sprouts from the choice of varieties to a very easy method of removing bacteria on the cultivated, raw sprouts.
• Easy cleaning of the sprouting devices.
• How to keep your sprouts well-growing in all climates.
• 14 recipes for sprouts in juices, smoothies, sandwiches, buns, wraps, pizza, hot dishes etc.
• Tips on growing sprouts in many different sprouting devices.
• A list of 44 varieties of sprouting seeds, grains, legumes and grains.

The book can be read from first to last page in one go or you can use it as a reference book.

The recipes are made for any who enjoy rawfood, living food, detox foods or diets that low in fat, salt, sugar, carbs, cholesterol. Since all sprouts are high in green proteins you may also enjoy them if you like to train your body.

But the book is actually written for all who like completely fresh, organic, home-grown greens. Sprouts are just another way of enjoying the best sides of Nature.

When you are finished reading the book you would probably like to enjou even more of the world of sprouting. Therefore you will find links to online resources from Fresh Sprouts collected in the last chapter of the book.

I look forward to sharing the fascinating world of sprouting with you.

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Fresh Sprouts - A Guide to Sprouting

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