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      Miriam Sasha Sommer Born in 1977 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Educated cand. mag. in communication from The University of Copenhagen in 2008. Self-employed with the communication firm, since 2007. Author, speaker, PR-manager, podcaster and writer on since 2010. The aim of the Fresh Sprouts project is to share knowledge on how you can easily grow fresh, organic, nutritious sprouts all year round regardless of the climate where you live. The best thing is that sprouting is for everyone. No matter your dieting preferences or plant skills. I started growing sprouts with my mother when I was very little and I have loved sprouting ever since. Therefore I find it natural to share all my knowledge on the subject to all who like to listen - via the website, videos, podcasts, magazine articles or...e-books. So...I look forward to sharing the green pasion with you too.